Television Appearances

Enjoying the spotlight in front of the camera, I have appeared on two different cable television broadcasts. Most recently, from 2014 to the present, I appeared as a guest psychologist on Fresh Outlook, an Emmy award-wining show featuring discussion of current events and corresponding footage. Topics covered during these segments include the Slenderman Attack of 2014, Teen Stabbings, Ebola Virus, Treatment of Veterans and PTSD, Fear of Vaccinations, Care for Someone who has Parkinson’s or a Traumatic Brain Injury, and Gun Laws.

Prior to my appearances on Fresh Outlook, I appeared as a frequent guest on the cable television show “Real Life,” a family oriented call-in show that aired live to approximately six million viewers in eight states.  Topics included Mean Girls: The Social Climate of Today’s Teenage Girls & What You Can Do; Women Trashing Women (Women’s Aggression Toward Other Women); Are you Raising a Brat; War: Anger and Anxiety; Surviving The Affair (Can You Save Your Marriage?); After the Attack: Reactions, Fear, Anger; Terrorist Attack: Live Coverage; Suicide Awareness & Prevention; Bullies; and School Phobia: Getting Children Over Their Fear.

The highlight of my television career thus far has been my live broadcast on September 11, 2001, as the events of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon brought the world to a halt. We broadcast live for over two hours, fielding live phone calls from viewers who were outraged, terrified, and dismayed by the devastation and destruction we witnessed together on that day.


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