Media Appearances

As a special guest psychologist, I have appeared numerous times on both live and pre-recorded cable television broadcasts. I have been interviewed on live radio broadcasts as well. The topics of these programs range from parenting and family issues, managing pitfalls in relationships, dealing with loved ones’ traumatic brain injuries, gun violence, girl to girl aggression, and most recently, pet hoarding and bonding with pets. In addition, I have written or has been quoted in numerous articles of a psychological nature.

If you are looking for a psychologist to appear on television or to participate in an interview, I welcome these opportunities promote professional psychology and provide valuable insights and information to the public. It is my firm belief that psychologists’ presence in the media helps promote psychologists’ visibility and facilitates the public’s access to psychological services.

You may contact me at 908-222-1099 to discuss any new broadcast or interview opportunities.

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