How Do I Know If My Marriage Needs Help?

How do you FEEL?

I resent my partner
Stressed-out all the time
Emotionally exhausted
I consider having an affair
I am having or have had an affair
We avoid each other
I prefer being alone or with others, over being with my partner
Guilty about things you say or do
Hopeless, because you have tried everything
I feel as though I cannot trust my partner
I can’t get past my anger toward my partner
I am unable to forgive him/her
Desire to escape or run away from your life

What do you NOTICE?

We spend a lot less time together than before
We argue but do not resolve the issues
We say or do hurtful things to each other
Things only seem to be getting worse
We are no longer intimate with one another
Other people don’t seem to have these difficulties
Your darkest fantasies are becoming more difficult to ignore

If you experience 3 or more of these symptoms, you may benefit from consulting with a psychologist for support, therapy or assistance.

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