How Do I Know If My Child Needs Help?

How do you FEEL?

Stressed to the breaking point
Worn out every day
Resentful of others
Guilty about things you say or do to your kids
Hopeless, because you have tried everything
My child is out of control (or heading there quickly)
Overwhelmed, your family cannot continue like this
On the edge, walking on eggshells
Desire to escape or run away from your life

What do you NOTICE?
You say or do things that surprise you, yourself
You can’t stop thinking or worrying about what’s happening
Things only seem to be getting worse
Other families don’t seem to have these difficulties
Your darkest fantasies are becoming more difficult to ignore
Your child’s distress disrupts your family’s everyday life

If you (or your child) experience 3 or more of these symptoms, you may benefit from consulting with a psychologist for support, therapy or assistance.


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