Group Psychotherapy

In my office, Group Psychotherapy provides a small group environment for therapy. For individuals experiencing similar challenges, Group Psychotherapy offers mutual support in a safe environment. Under my careful supervision, Group Psychotherapy participants may work toward their individual goals while accessing support from others who offer compassion from an experienced peer. A key benefit to Group Psychotherapy is the dual role of participants, whereby one person can both receive and also offer support to other group members.

Current groups available in my office include Friendship Group Therapy for children and teenagers. This group experience helps promote social awareness, build self confidence and pro-social behavior, develop insight into relationships that can help enhance meaningful friendships. Women’s Group Psychotherapy offers women the opportunity to explore women’s issues in a safe and nurturing environment with other women. Topics may include identity, work issues, family relationships and more.

A new group experience coming soon to my practice is a Walking Group, which I tentatively call Walk with a Psychologist. Once I select a date, time, and location, I will begin promoting this group that will combine the opportunity to speak with a psychologist with walking in the beautiful community we share.

Another group under consideration would be for young adults who have difficulty transitioning from college to post-collegiate life. Today’s twenty-something adults experience heightened anxiety that may be due to difficulties finding a job, moving away from home (or returning home!), and forging adult relationships.

If you are interested in any of these groups, please contact me at 908-222-1099 with any questions, to discuss your situation, or to schedule an appointment.

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