Friendship Groups

Today’s young people struggle more than ever to establish and maintain healthy relationships among peers. Relying heavily on Social Media, children of the millennia fail to develop important `people’ skills that promote both effective communication and meaningful socialization. Instead of relating to one another in `real time,’ young people use electronic devices that delay interaction so teens lose important social cues in the translation of spoken words to typed text. There are fewer opportunities to develop social skills, leaving many young people ill-equipped to navigate complex social situations. Anxiety, isolation and social rejection are the result.

Teens, pre-teens and younger children all benefit from Friendship Group Therapy. In a small group environment, children and teens learn self- and other-awareness. Group members demonstrate personal skills while helping their peers learn more about themselves. Bonding occurs when group members identify with one another, and learn that they can form meaningful connections with other young people. My typical Friendship Group has young people close in age but from different communities, offering every participant the chance to have a fresh beginning with previously unfamiliar peers.

My Friendship Groups provide peer support to develop social insight, confidence, communication skills and more to children and teenagers who experience Social Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Insecurity, ADHD or other issues. By carefully screening candidates for both strengths and challenges, I form cohesive groups that meet weekly offering mutual support while exploring social and relationship issues. I directly lead all groups in a safe and confidential environment.  Feedback to parents is available via confidential email and private feedback sessions. Depending on individual clients’ needs, consultation is available (upon parental request and consent) to referring psychologists and psychiatrists, school personnel and physicians.

Contact me at 908-222-1099 to discuss your child’s needs, the Friendship Groups, or to schedule an appointment.

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