For Teachers: Does Your Student Need Professional Help?

How do you feel?

Stressed to the breaking point
Resentful of this student
Fatigued every day
Frustrated because you don’t know how to make it better
Jealous of your co-worker or supervisor
Hopeless because you’ve tried everything
Guilty about how things are going
No longer enjoying the teaching experience
Overwhelmed because it’s just not working

What do you notice?

This student’s behavior is disruptive to your class
Problematic behavior happens more frequently, or in different settings
The behavior affects other students
You say or do things that surprise you, yourself
Difficulties seem to be getting worse or more disturbing
You feel you don’t have a “handle” on the situation
Other students are now copying or repeating the behavior
This student is out of your control or worse, the class is becoming out of control
You prefer to be away from this student, or have someone else deal with him/her
Other students might have these issues, but the behaviors are not so problematic

If you experience any of these difficulties, you would probably benefit from consulting with a psychologist.

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